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"Does it seem normal for a paddle racket to break a month to buy it?"
The story begins. After listening to many customers disappointed with his new racket, we decided to create our own brand of blades. It should be good enough so that no customer will be dissatisfied, at least for this reason.

By then we worked repairing shovels, and had already acquired more than enviable experience in arrangements and recomposed painted paddle rackets. All this inside knowledge, structure and assembly of the product, allow us to later make an excellent product development.

"Why do not we make our own paddle rackets?"
We considered then create a brand that will not disappoint the customer. But the challenge was not easy. Would make a great investment of time and money. We should create a product from scratch, because until now we had repaired and rebuilt shattered blades but still retained the skeleton.

Now it would be different. We knew quite what to do, but we faced a great how. And in the end it proves to be a much more long, hard and complicated challenge than we expected. Although it was worth a lot.

"We have to do the most resistant paddle rackets."
Our source in the field of rackets repair required us to create a really strong product. We also had to meet expectations: our customers full confidence in us as repairmen, and hoped that the product we developed was at least as hard as the hardest market. Come on, you had to be level.

No one really better than we could make such a strong product, since we knew where all the blades were broken and therefore could strengthen critical areas.

And so we did.

"What we name him?"
It seemed inevitable the name you were going to give the brand. When we started this, just we think of something to convey toughness. We wondered what is it harder? And in a flash Diamond emerged as the first and only choice.

"Where do we do?"
We had a choice to make in China, because then it was fashionable, or, do it ourselves.

In principle, the option to manufacture abroad seemed as simple and secure as the company would be manufacturer of blades and know how. However, the idea of ??not being present in the product development we produced some uncertainty and lack of control over the final outcome and quality we were looking for. In addition, the supplier required a "minimal amount", which for us was exorbitant.

So, to get the quality of product we wanted, we should do it on our own and with our people. We chose the more difficult and long way, but the only guarantee we get a really good product.

"Blessed suppliers."

We had the best suppliers of materials, since many of them matched the fabrics and resins with which they were repairing the blades. However, we should do something different from everything I had on the market. And for this we needed a formula itself.

Specifically, in the heart of our shovels, we tried countless foams, EVA ... and up to 14 different suppliers, who submitted their materials to form part of our system. But nothing. Until finally we hit one, which forced us to make a minimum purchase: a huge and costly mountain of foam. To move forward we had to tighten our belts and long fingers crossed. But we were completely convinced that our Diamond would succeed.

"Please do not copy me yet."
We already had a finished product, worthy and good price. We had taken every precaution to brand level, registration, company incorporation, consultants, corporate image, online presence and industrial legislation. In addition to self-financing itself and the distribution of tasks between partners.

We had just started marketing the first actions of the first blades, with a modest web ... when the Patent and Trademark Office (SPTO) informs us that someone wanted to register a mark very similar to ours. M *****! But we presented our arguments and, before such plagiarism detection, SPTO suspended another brand for all purposes.

And we could move forward with the same winner, positive and optimistic spirit that we enjoyed at the beginning.

"Everyone is making paddle rackets."
This comment we heard hundreds of times players, teachers, professionals, shop keepers and even responsible for other brands. Every time we talked to them of Diamond, said the same.

The phrase, as fortunate as encouraging, receive it with philosophy. Because if the situation was just as described, then our challenge will be even greater. Like achieve satisfaction.

"You will buy and sell products, but you will never manufacture it."
The icing on the elder put an old neighborhood that used to visit our workshop, through the door for a while to talk with young people. One day, tired of listening to our complaints about the difficulties we were going through, said goodbye: "If you want me for my opinion, I have worked much older than you, and as a businessman I can tell you the secret of business is summarized in the following sentence: will buy and sell her, but never fabricarás ".

What was missing. His words left us all puzzled. Again and at times we had to make an effort to fit it, while respecting the views of that character, whose long experience had led him to think so.

Thankfully, we no longer live in his time. Now we have a much more accessible market: Internet. Through DiamondStore, our blades reach any country, even people who like to paddle and want to enjoy a good tool. Amateurs and professionals can buy and get a shovel directly to your home.

Thank you very much to all who have put a flower or a stone on our way, without you we would not have succeeded.

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